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Jan Johnston Design is in the business of making your business look great! We strive to produce unique solutions for our clients. Every client is treated individually and personally with results designed for their specific needs. Design doesn’t happen by accident but with thoughtful consideration to provide the best result for the client. And we’re located in The Woodlands, Texas to better serve our local friends.

Recent Projects

Culinary Success Teambuilding and Mentoring through the Culinary ArtsCulinary Success logo. High-volumn chef Tim Mehne and wife Kim, turned corporate team building motivators. They help corporations mend their people problems by challenging employees to culinary team building duels. [Read More]
Trouble with J animation by Jan JohnstonAnimated Promo Video. I love the shape and form of letters. However I have never been comfortable with the letter “J”. So I’ve decided to get this monkey off my back. Check out my video and see my beef with the letter J. [See Video]

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Four tips to designing a website with WordPress

Four most important tips in designing a WordPress® site. 1) Buy a theme. Do not use a free theme 2) Pick a theme that has an update history and support 3) Set up security plug-ins 4) Have a backup strategy I’ve been helping people set up and manage their own WordPress® sites for the past […]

Hiring a Graphic Designer

Five Steps to Hiring a Graphic Designer.

Five Steps to Hiring a Graphic Designer. Don’t take the process of choosing a graphic designer lightly. This is a big decision especially if you are designing your logo because your identity is something you will have to live with a long time. If you are starting a new business you don’t want it to […]


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I’m Jan!

Jan Johnston, Senior Graphic DesignerHello, I’m Jan Johnston. I’ve been a graphic designer for over 30 years. I have tons of experience and bring only solutions to your graphic design needs. Check out my portfolio and contact me when you’re ready to get going. [Read More]

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email: info@janjohnstondesign.com
Jan Johnston Design is located in The Woodlands, Texas.

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